saas pricing strategy

Case Study: Improving 123ContactForm’s Pricing Table Boosted Conversions by 21%

There are lots of articles out there that tell you what to do in order to increase your conversion rate, and they all make it look like it’s child's play. They’re really fun to read.

It all sounds amazing in theory. However, when it comes to implementing the same framework to run the experiment on your own business, you’ll find out pretty quick that it wasn’t as easy as you were led to believe.

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SaaS customer retention optimization

Hack Your Growth With The Rule of 72. Part 4: Increasing Retention by 12%

Why is retention important for a SaaS company? Why should a product manager pay attention to this specific metric? You do need to get the users back into the app…

You can’t start charging a user until he has finished the onboarding process.

There’s usually a gap between the onboarding experience and the first payment, and that’s when user retention must be taken into account.

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