The Growth Hacker’s Guide To Better Onboarding

Statistically, 40-60 percent of customers will never return to an app that they sign up for, and if your trial-to-paid conversion rate is in the double digit range (without a credit card provided upfront), you’re doing better than most.

Signing up for an app in 2016 isn’t a sign of commitment any more. All too often, it’s actually the SaaS equivalent of the first date — uncomfortable, awkward and destined for failure.

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saas pricing strategy

Case Study: Improving 123ContactForm’s Pricing Table Boosted Conversions by 21%

There are lots of articles out there that tell you what to do in order to increase your conversion rate, and they all make it look like it’s child's play. They’re really fun to read.

It all sounds amazing in theory. However, when it comes to implementing the same framework to run the experiment on your own business, you’ll find out pretty quick that it wasn’t as easy as you were led to believe.

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hack the user onboarding

A Growth Hacker’s Guide to Onboarding Your First 100 Users

With a new product on the market, getting people to invest their time in the onboarding process can be even more of a challenge.

They haven’t built a connection to your product yet and they don’t have peers raving about how brilliant it is.

They’ve read some copy, promising them that their life is going to be better after using your product, but they haven’t yet experienced that for themselves.

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