InnerTrends proudly joins the MVP Academy Startup Program

Starting on Monday, March 23rd, our team will take part in a 7-week intensive program during which we will develop a great product and look into opportunities to bring it into the global market. We look forward to meeting all the industry experts and tech leaders that announced their presence. We also can’t wait to get to know the rest of the teams and learn from their experience.

This program is first and foremost a great opportunity to learn how to better serve the InnerTrends community and develop remarkable products that suit their needs. During the next 7 weeks, everything will continue just as usual. We will keep on working towards making your experience better, at the same time with providing ongoing support.


We are very grateful to HowToWeb organization for trusting us with a place among the finalists and for coming up in the first place with such a great initiative for the tech industry.

We look forward to meeting everyone at MVP Academy, and we wish all the finalists good luck and happy developing!

Author: Claudiu Murariu

InnerTrends' founder and lead analyst Claudiu Murariu is also the author of DataDiary, a newsletter about and for companies that use data in their business decision making process. You can follow him on Twitter @cllaudiu.