SaaS customer retention optimization

Hack Your Growth With The Rule of 72. Part 4: Increasing Retention by 12%

Why is retention important for a SaaS company? Why should a product manager pay attention to this specific metric? You do need to get the users back into the app…

You can’t start charging a user until he has finished the onboarding process.

There’s usually a gap between the onboarding experience and the first payment, and that’s when user retention must be taken into account.

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Customer Retention Optimization

Customer Retention Optimization – A Growth Hacker’s Guide

User retention is the scary metric every web analyst, product manager, and marketer is afraid of. I’ve struggled for years to find the magic bullet that will make retention optimization painless.

I still don’t have a quick and easy answer, I’ve come to realise that if you break it down into multiple stages, it becomes a lot easier to tackle.

Reporting retention according to the number of users who have finished onboarding, instead of those who signed up, can make you understand what's the actual issue of the product.

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the end of user onboarding

User Onboarding: Where Does User Onboarding End?

User onboarding is a very delicate process. Recognising where it begins is easy because the very first step is for a new user to signup, but where exactly does it end?

When can you consider a user to be onboarded?

Let’s start by considering what we actually mean by user onboarding.

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