InnerTrends is live and we have a case study to prove it

It was 6am but I was wide awake, no need for an alarm or extra strong coffee, the adrenaline pumping through my veins was enough to jump start a 200lb Samson, so you can imagine what it was doing to a lightweight developer like me!

Today was the day. This was it.

Would it be a day of triumph or disaster? Was this the day that all our hard work paid off, or was it about to come crumbling down, drowning us in a sea of ones, zeros and the dreaded semi-colon?

I stepped into my office and turned on my computer. (Cue adventurous theme tune.) This was it ...

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6 Ways To Make Error Logs Your New Secret Weapon

What would you say if I told you error logs are one of the most valuable things you could collect every day in your business?

The marketer will tell you that the money’s in the list and a blogger will tell you that content is king, but relationships trump everything and error logs are one of the secret sauces that can help take your relationships with your customers to the next level.

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Seven steps to claiming enterprise clients as your own

Have you ever wished for that elusive dream ticket? The big customer who can take your app or software and license it for use across multiple offices in international locations? Sure, you might talk about how your focus is on small and medium sized companies, but who wouldn’t love the cash injection that comes from custom pricing?

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